Shefford Winter Craft Fair 2023

The Shefford Winter Craft Fair will take place on Sunday 5th November 2023, 11-3pm at Shefford Lower School, School Lane, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5XA.

A Christmas Craft Fair in all but name… for those of you who like to get your Christmas shopping done early, this is for you!

It’s our first event at Shefford Lower School and it looks like a lovely hall – I KNOW it’s a lovely hall as I’m an ex-PSA mum and we organized loads of events there.

We have space for 25+ (diverse) stalls and it’s going to be a lovely start to our Christmas season!

Promo will include posters in the local town and villages, local publications and social media – if I can wangle it, I’ll try to get us on a local radio station as well. I’ll also try to make a deal with the school PTA and offer them a fundraising opportunity in return for a shout out to the parents. Plus anything else I think of before then!

This is one of three events in the lead up to Christmas. We aim to have a mix of different stalls at each event, because we would love our visitors to come to all three and find something new and exciting at each one.

Entry is £1, under 18’s FREE.

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Shefford Winter Craft Fair, 5th November 2023