Shefford Christmas Craft Fair 2023

The Shefford Christmas Craft Fair will take place on Saturday 2nd December 2023, 10-2pm at Robert Bloomfield Academy, Bloomfield Dr, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5BU.

This is being run in association with the school PTA – they will have 4 fundraising stalls, plus, if they can muster enough volunteers, a BBQ and refreshments – maybe even some carol singing from the school choir! That leaves us with space for an additional 36 craft stalls!

The school will be promoting the craft fair to their parents as all (low cost) entrance fees will be going to the PTA, but that doesn’t mean I won’t promote it – I’ll be doing just as much promo for this as I do for all of my events!

This is one of three events in the lead up to Christmas. We aim to have a mix of different stalls at each event, because we would love our visitors to come to all three and find something new and exciting at each one.

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Shefford Christmas Craft Fair 2nd December 2023